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The caretaker as seen on the ride.

The caretaker is the only mortal character in the Haunted Mansion ride. With his eyes wide open and his legs shaking he watches in terror as his sees the ghosts come to socialize. His dog also wimpers in fear.

In the filmEdit

Grounds keeper in film

The Caretaker and his dog in the 2003 film as ghosts.

The caretaker and his dog make a cameo appearance in the 2003 movie, but as ghosts themselves. The late comedian Don Knotts was to play the caretaker but dropped out last minute.

In the videogameEdit

Groundskeeper in vg

The caretaker in the game as a spirit.

The caretaker appears in the 2003 videogame but as a ghost again. He whines that no one is around to pay him for his work or gives him gratitute. The main protagonist in the game Zeke Holloway is inspired from the caretaker. His dog does not appear in the game.