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The Singing Busts as they appear on the ride.

The Singing Busts are a quintet of singing stone heads who are the main chorus in singing the song Grim Grinning Ghosts. Their names are (from left to right): Rollo Rumkin, Uncle Theodore, Cousin Algernon, Ned Nub, and Phineas P. Pock. The original concept art by Marc Davis, included a female singing bust named Aunt Lucretia. The busts appear also in Disneyland Paris' Phantom Manor in the catacombs but as a quartet without Cousin Algernon.

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The Singing Busts appear as a quartet in Phantom Manor's Catacomb scene.

In the filmEdit

Singing busts in film
In the 2003 film, the Singing Busts were reduced to a quartet. They were performed and voiced by Disneyland's Dapper Dans. They sing the song from the ride but are interrupted by Jim Evers and his two children. Jim asks them where to find the Mausoleum but they only answer in song and never actually answer his question. In the film's conclusion the Singing Busts go along with Ever's family vacation strapped to the car.

In the videogameEdit

Singing in busts in vg

The Singing Busts as they appear separately in the graveyard level of the game.

The Singing Busts also appear in the 2003 videogame and the Dapper Dans reprise their roles. Upon entering the graveyard, Zeke encounters the lead singer bust and he instructs Zeke into searching for his other three members of his quartet but to avoid the wannabe Singing Busts. When the correct busts are awaken they sing a "graveyard melody" as a tribute to Zeke for finding them hence calling him "Brother Zeke." Their vocal harmony magically makes the Mausoleum rise from the ground. During the game's end credits the Singing Busts are heard singing the theme song Grim Grinning Ghosts.