Ramsley was the butler to Master Edward Gracey. He was portrayed by Terrance Stamp in the film. He is a wicked butler responsible for the death of Edward's beloved bride Elizabeth. Ramsley stopped at nothing to make sure Edward would not marry and run away with Elizabeth so he resorts to murder in poisoning her. Ramsley tries to poison Elizabeth but she is save by her husband Jim. He is banished to hell for his evil deeds.the children are not in their room have seen them what children her children the children she wasn t supposed to bring along with brainless husband of hers if to listen to another word from that insufferable fool i think i would have burst meagn evers did i not tell her to come alone is it really too mujch to ask for a little cooperation a little order if you find the children bring them to me the final arrangements have been made nothing further will interfere with the masters plan ramsley yes well done mr evers i must say i mimpressed you are more persistent then i would have ever imagined i will with you two later because the master would no listen to reason he had everyhing and yet he was willing to throw it all away for love i did tell him it would end badly no mr evers i a m a retional man it was my responsibility to the house my duty sir to see to it thst the boy did not make a foolish error in judgement running away with that girl would have destroyed this house it would have destroyed everything and o could not stand by and witch it all fall to ruin megan says punch his face in dad the master must never know edward and his love will be reunited and this curse will be broken is megan evers and what she sees in you i ll never know. but that is of little it is her sir the gypsy woman prophecied her return and now the time has come you had best get ready in time she will sir i assure you she will yes i know my dear i know he s expecthing milena is   sister elizabeth and jim evers is son elizabeth