The organist as he appears in the ballroom scene.

The organist is a ghost who plays the haunting refrain on the pipe organ in the ballroom. As the organists plays skulls come out of the organ.

In the filmEdit

The organist is absent from the film, however it is Ezra who substitutes his role. Ezra plays the off-key refrain of the Wedding March during Edward's wedding ceremony to Sara Evers.

In the videogameEdit

Organist in vg

The organist as he appears in the game in the ballroom by his organ.

In the videogame the Organist has a much bigger role since he has a Soul Gem. His character in the game is hot-tempered and seems to dislike Zeke at first, calling him a "young beggar". He stated that he died by putting his life before his music which means he died from being crushed by the pipe organ. He resides in the mansion's Ballroom in the game.