The Opera singers as they appear in the graveyard.

The Opera Singers are a male/female duo who sing Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries operatic style. The female opera singer is dressed as an obese Brynhildr while the male is dressed as a Viking warrior who is thin.

In the filmEdit

The Opera Singers were to make appearances in the graveyard scene of the 2003 movie, but couldn't appear in the final cut of the film. In the concept art of the female Opera Singer's character is much slimer.

In the videogameEdit

Opera singer in vg

The Opera Singers make appearances in the 2003 videogame. They appear separately in the game, the female Opera Singer in the Sun Room while her male partner dwells in the Trophy Room of the Mansion. The female Opera Singer said she had died by literally bring the house down with her loud singing. Her role in the game is to give Zeke Holloway a Soul Gem to help capture the lost souls in the mansion.