Michael Evers

Michael Evers is the youngest and only son of Jim and Sara Evers, his older sister is Megan. He is portrayed by Marc John Jefferies in the 2003 film. Jordan is a shy, odd and some what of a coward. He is arachnophobic, which means he hates spiders. He is even afraid to kill them. Michael's bravery is put to the test when he has to save his father and sister from the zombies in the masoluem. His father had to explain to him he cannot be afraid all his life because he will be facing spiders whether he likes it or not. Michael helps open the masoluem door when it shut despite having spiders on them. He, his sister Megan, and his father Jim go back to Madame Leota with the key. When they are caught by Ramsley Michael and Megan are imprisoned in a trunk. They are both saved by their father and crash Edward's wedding. Following the spirits of the mansion going to heaven. Michael and his family along with the singing bust and Madame Leota drive to the lake for their vacation.