Megan Evers

Megan Evers is the eldest and only daughter of Jim and Sara Evers. She is portrayed by Aree Davis in the 2003 film. Unlike her younger brother she is more outgoing and very intelligent. Megan is 13 years old and had studied Latin in school much to Jim's surprise. Her linguistic skills helped in reading the message on the masoluem door which was written in Latin. Megan was told by her father to watch her brother so he'd be safe but Megan disobeys her father and goes into the masoluem match to her father's distress. She helps her father open the coffin that had the key. Unfortunately they accidently awaken the corpse in the coffin. After Jim knocks the head of the zombie off he accidently drops the key into the water. Megan swims in order to retrive the key while her father Jim fights off the other angry zombies. Megan is almost eaten by the zombies but is saved by her father. An annoyed Megan yells at her brother to open the masoluem door. After the ordeal Megan, her brother and father return to Madame Leota and find out the key was the key to a trunk. Meanwhile Ramsley finds out about their medling and captures her and her brother in a trunk. Towards the climax Megan and Michael are rescued by their father. Megan watches as the spirits of the mansions go to heaven and goes with her family, the sing busts and Madame Leota happily to the lake for vacation.