Ezra is the footman of the mansion. His wife is the mansion's maid Emma. He tries to avoid trouble by staying on Ramsley's (his boss) good side. At first he did not want the Evers children to meddle in learning about the death of Edward's lover Elizabeth.

He and his reveal in the attic to the children that they are actually spirits trapped in the mansion. Madame Leota tells Jim and his children to journey to the Masouleum in order to retrive a key. Ezra helps give Jim and his children a lift in the hearse to the graveyard.

Later in the film he and Emma help find out where the key unlocks. According to Madame Leota it is a key to a trunk. They unlock the trunk and discovery the Elizabeth did not kill herself. Ramsley reveals that he was Elizabeth's killer by poisoning her.

Later in the film Ezra participates in playing the organ in Edward and Sara's wedding. Towards the film's climax after Ramsley summons the evil spirits and gets banished to hell, he and Emma along with Edward and the real Elizabeth ascend to heaven.