Elizabeth Henshaw

Elizabeth Henshaw is the film counterpart to the ghost bride from the Haunted Mansion ride. Elizabeth was to be married to Edward Gracey, but was posioned by Edward's jealous butler Ramsely. Elizabeth comes from a mixed-race background. For centuries Elizabeth's spirit wondered Gracy Manor's hall. Jim Ever's wife Sara was the reincarnation of Edward's deceased lover. Towards the end of the film Ramsley is defeated and Elizabeth's and Edward's rise into heaven together.

As Elizabeth Henshaw was to delcare her love to Master Gracey and marry him, Ramsley did not allow it because of the interrational relationship would cause controversy. So Ramsley took Elizebeth's original letter and hid it away so Gracey wouldn't find it. He created a fake letter under Elizabeth's name and it said that she never loved Gracey, which led to his death as he committed suicided.