The duelist as he appears in the ride!

The Duelists are ghosts who appear in the ballroom scene of the Haunted Mansion. They inhabit the portraits up high in the ballroom. The duelist on the left has a goatee while the duelist on the right has mutton chops.

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Duelists in concept art in their portrait form.

In the filmEdit

Dualist in film

The two duelist in the movie!

In the 2003 film, the Duelists make a brief cameo appearance in the graveyard scene. They are seen trying to shoot each other. Their hats fly off their heads when they fire.

In the videogameEdit

Dualist in vg

Mutten Chop duelist in the game.

The Duelist with the mutton chops plays a much bigger role in the 2003 video game. He died from losing a duel, and he has a Soul Gem that helps capture lost souls in the mansion. In the game he resides in the mansion's Game Room.