Constance Hatchaway

Constance in her ghost form in the mansion attic.

In Sickness and in Wealth

Constance Hatchaway is the ghost of a black widow who killed her former grooms. She is the current incarnation of the bride character in the attic and is pictured in one of the Stretching Room's portraits. She is voiced by Kat Cressida, and portrayed by actress Julia Lee in the projections. Unlike the original Ghost Bride, she is sinister and sadistic.

Constance has killed six husbands in an attempt to acquire more wealth husband by husband. She earns more inheritance with each death, and climbs the social ladder with each strategic marriage. Constance's "ax" husbands include: Ambrose Harper, a farmer's son; Frank Banks, an east coast banker; The Marquis De Doom, a foreign diplomat; Reginald Caine, a railroad baron; George Hightower, previous owner of the mansion.

The Husbands

Constance married Ambrose Harper in 1869. Ambrose was a wealthy farmer form Secret County, California. He was murdered by her shortly thereafter, and Constance inherited his wealth.

Frank Banks was a respected banker and a pillar of the community in his east-coast hometown. In 1872, he married Constance and was presumably done in by his bride shortly thereafter.

The Marquis De Doom was a foreign diplomat from Peking, China. He crossed paths with the alluring Constance Hatchaway and married her in 1874, but the Marquis was murdered by his bride not long after their vows were said.

Reginald Caine was a railroad baron that married Constance in 1875, just one year after the death of her late husband, the Marquis De Doom. Reginald was murdered shortly thereafter.

George Hightower was one of the many former owners of the hose that would eventually become known as The Haunted Mansion. In 1877, he married Constance Hatchaway. George Hightower is prominently seen in the Stretching Gallery ("Dear Beloved George") and Attic. George is a relative of Harrison Hightower, the owner of the Hotel Hightower in New York that disappeared on December 31, 1899. Similarly, the hotel is now considered haunted (Tokyo Disneysea's Tower of Terror).

Edward's Mother

Constance and her final husband, George Hightower, as they appear in the Stretching Room.